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Copper Bowl is no longer operatingThank you for allowing us to have been your Self-care destination. 

      Copper Bowl Luxury Nail Pedicure and Manicure Bar by T. Amison is located in Downtown Toledo. 


Founded by T. Amison, one of the city's entrepreneurs, who has created an atmosphere for personal pampering and self-care for all that receive services. 

 The technicians will provide you with a professional and satisfying experience in variations of manicures, pedicures, natural and artificial nail care. 

The hope is that you make Copper Bowl Luxury Nail Pedicure and Manicure Bar by T. Amison your Self-care pampering destination.

The Copper Bowl Story 

Research has shown Copper minerals potentially remove germs, bacteria, and assist with the body's detoxification. It also helps in the area of pain and inflammation. In addition to inviting a sense of emotional and spiritual healing experiences, our Copper bowls are more than beautiful. They will assist in the betterment of your body, mind, and soul.

Your Self care pamper awaits...

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Only Debit or Credit. We do not accept Cash or Checks.

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